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Giving birth to a beautiful daughter after a night spent enjoying the company of one of the Mac an Rothaich warriors, Faline found herself condemned by her father as a woman of the flesh, unworthy of his affections. Fercaille’s decision to punish her for her transgression meant that she eventually lived up to the reputation that he gave her and she did what she must to earn her living even though her father was Dun Deardruil’s steward.

Through the coming years, Faline did the best she could for her daughter as she grew big and strong like her father. They managed to sustain a simple, if not always pleasant, existence.

Then one morning mother and daughter woke to find the residents of Dun Deardruil missing. Now Faline must find a way to survive on her own.

Faline's younger sister, Ciorstag, ran off with that Mac an Rothaich warrior, who later became their war leader and then Righ. Having heard much of his sucesses, Faline often wondered what became of her sister. Does she have any influence over the Righ now? Or did Fionnlagh discard her as lightly as he did Faline?

Either way, Ciorstag was smarter than Faline had been. She did not remain at Dun Deardruil to suffer their father’s persistent scorn. Better by far to go elsewhere and face the risks than endure the steward’s disdain!

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