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onique is my name, and welcome to my home.

Please be cautious of the artifacts you might find as you wander around the waiting areas, for I am Tremere trained proper in Brabant Chantry and as such what may appear to be but a common inanimate object or simple bit of décor might surprise, shock, or even harm the unsuspecting. And of course, I ask that you remain within these common areas unless you are with an escort; never tarry or stray, for not only is this haven a dangerous place to those who are unfamiliar with its passageways but we Tremere guard our secrets fiercely.

Like all Tremere, I am sharp, astute, and more then capable in the blood arts. What I might lack in brute force or scheming I make up for with magic, wit, and savoir-vivre. You will find me charismatic and cool, despite my clan’s shady reputation for manipulation.

Granted, I can claim no great virtue like some members of other clans for I am indeed loyal to my clan as we all are, however I am known for my diplomacy with outsiders.

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Carpe Noctem

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Vincent Cross

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The Midnight People
The New Kingdom - Out of Cookies
666 West End Avenue

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