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Occupational hazards are to be expected...

In order to undermine the present occupation of our country by the Germans, it helps the legions of the British Resistance to have some idea of their dealings both past and present. Our troubles did not happen overnight, nor can everything be blamed on the late Neville Chamberlain, who sincerely thought he had been done the right thing until Hitler showed his true colours and broke a few treaties, including the one involving England.

Our work - breaking codes and acting on the information we find - is a closely guarded secret. Not only are we trying to crack the codes of the Germans' Enigma machine, but we also clean up after older messages. Call it repairing the damage as much as possible. Sometimes - as in the case of the Robert Haskell tragedy - we cannot undo the worst of it, but in cases like that, the need can turn out to be all the more pressing.


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Very Good!
Jun 28, 2013 02:48 pm

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