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   Dmitri Makarov-Vronsky's Homepage

to Vronsky Palace

Dmitri Kyrillovich Makarova-Vronsky

Title: His Serene Highness Count Makarova-Vronsky

Birthdate: 17 March 1887

Birthplace: St. Petersburg, Russia

Current Age: 36

Hair Color: Short blonde hair

Eye Color: green

Height & Body Type: 5’9” and muscular

Religion: Russian Orthodox

Education: Well educated

Family of Dmitri Makarova-Vronsky

Father: Kiryl, Count Makarova-Vronsky *deceased*

Mother: Carolina, Countess Makarova-Vronskaya


Brother(s): Konstantin (also known as Konstya)

Sister(s): Elizaveta and Viktoriya

Close Friends of Count Makarova-Vronsky:

HSH Prince Andreas Alexandrov, brother to Irina Alexandrovna

HSH Prince Theodore Alexandrov, brother to Irina Alexandrovna

Capt. Alexei llyich Borodin, Calvary friend of Dmitri

Capt. Grigroy (Grisha) Anatolievich Narimanov, Calvary friend of Dmitri

Capt. Valerii Edvardovich Chesnokov, Calvary friend of Dmitri

Count Dmitri Makarova-Vronsky’s Bio:

Dimitri Kyrillovich is the eldest son of four children of his late father, Kiryl, Count Makarova-Vronsky and Carolina, Countess Makarova-Vronskaya. Few years ago, he inherited his father’s title and lands besides being a military officer. He and his younger brother Konstantin or otherwise known Konstya by his friends and relatives. Both Dimitri and Konstya both followed in their father’s footsteps and went into the Calvary.

He is also quite handsome man in his early to mid thirties with gorgeous green eyes dressed in military garb of a Calvary officer.. and he is also betrothed to someone else. He is close friends with my two elder brothers Andreas and Theodore and his other Calvary friends, are Capt. Alexei llyich Borodin, Capt. (Grisha) Grigroy Anatolievich Narimanov, and Capt. Valerii Edvardovich Chesnokov.

Count Dmitri first meets Irina when he nearly by accident runs over Bebe as both Irina and her daughter are out riding.

Was this by peer fate that these two have met? We'll see.

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