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I am SiAtum, son of his body Nebmaatra Amenhotep, Mighty Bull of Kemet and his secondary wife Gilukhipa of Mitanni, a princess in her own right.

But I am nothing to these full bloods.

When I was 4 my half brother Amenhotep (soon to become the forth of that title) became the Horus-in-the-Nest following the death of his brother Thutmose. I was playing with toys and not aware of the political ramifications.
At the age of 5 I was entered into scribal school to learn my lessons and manners, as any well bred Kemeteyu youth. I learned these lessons next to my brothers and my sisters, all children of the great Nebmaatra. To further my education I was to recieve military training in the use of the bow and khpesh sword. So at the age of 13 I entered the army. I was also instructed in the use of a chariot. But as a half Mitanni boy, the maryannu, all full blood Mitanni, taught me to ride astride, something no self respecting Kemetian would do.
It was at this time that the great Nebmaatra Amenhotep III, died and his son Amenhotep became Neferkheperure Waenra Amenhotep IV. This was also when I feared for my life.
My mother Gilukhipa also saw the danger I was in and when I narrowly missed being killed in a chariot "accident" she decided I should go to her homeland and live with her brother Tushratta of Mitanni. But now I have returned to Kemet supported and financed by my uncles in Mitanni. It is my duty to see Akhenaten dethroned and a Mitanni put in his place. This Mitanni is the young Horus-in-the-nest Tutankhaten, the son of Tadukhipa of Mitanni.

But I may have other plans.

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