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Panathenaic Games Medal
Silver in Cow Pie Toss
Panathenaic Games Medal
Bronze in The Kissing Booth
Panathenaic Games Medal
Gold in Hominid Survival Race

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Hello, I'm Bayley

I'm a nerdy, pervy, kinky, happy, crazy girl that likes books, photography, writing, poetry and hangin' out with friends. I like drama - not in my life, I have plenty there - but in things I write. I like romance and history, and some action too. And don't forget sex.

Some people think I'm naughty. I'm not a bad girl, I just know how to find trouble. Or does it find me? It's hard to be sure sometimes. There are days I know I'm asking for it, and others I'm just running toward it with arms wide. It's the pain, you see. If you had enough of it, it's the one thing you're used to feeling.

Trouble may be my middle name but meanness isn't. I don't like to hurt people, even though it seems to happen all too often anyway. Sometimes I just don't think, and sometimes I think too hard. Either way it can make a mess of things. But it's never on purpose, and when I say I'm sorry, I really am. Of course, there is the mischievous side of me...

How to Make a Bayley

a kilo of fairness, blended with cynicism
a peck of kink, tossed with innocence
a dash of laziness dipped in mischief
a dram of ambition, layered with drama
a slice of industriousness, topped with romance
a quart of creativity, steeped in rashness
a kilo of guilt, oozing with anger
a tablespoon of curiosity, touched with fear
a scoop of loneliness, mixed with compassion
a drop of fatalism, stirred with faithfulness
a cup of desperation, dripped with uncertainty
a measure of stupidity, covered by patience
a whole can of naivitÈ, stiffened by passion
a barrel of laughs, coupled with joy
a splash of brilliance, coated with shyness
a whole lotta love
and some densely packed hurt

Bitter Youth

Darker than shadow, blacker than night
my soul withered, shrivelled and despite
pain long endured, scars scarcely healed
fighting back, in hope kneeled
small victories, briefly held
corridor shut with a too soft weld
a life sentence cruelly bestowed
young heart from which blood flowed
extracted pleasure from my pain
sometimes tears fall like rain
friends and lovers became a joke
alone so often I could choke
Always better, I should be
if someone else would they see.

Bits and Pieces - My Blog

My Novels:

Fear and Apathy in Pinewood Valley
The Ties That Bind
Short Cuts
Plane of the Ecliptic - Out of Print
The Pan Millionaire's Club

My Reference Books:

Writer's Block
The Tenth Muse
Black and Blue
Through the Lens
Happily Ever After

My Blog:

Bits and Pieces

My Salons:

Needle and the Damage Done
Behind the Stacks
The Football Pitch
The Trailer at the End of the Street
The Cottage by the Lake
Redhead's Boudoir

My Friends:

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Makes me miss the river
May 13, 2012 07:37 pm
Wonderful poem! Expresses very well how it is to be nervous. It touched me.
Jul 03, 2011 12:19 pm
This post was like having a lucid dream. Thanks for taking me there, it was a great ride! *s*
Jan 31, 2011 07:36 pm
Best Alternate Use for a Cow Pie!
Mar 15, 2010 10:55 am
The Great Kiss Off - Cool Post!
Mar 09, 2010 11:04 am

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