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No noble or princess, Rhainillt considers herself lucky to have a warm spot by the fire and plenty to eat. Spending her days seeing to the whims of her betters, she is far too tired to concern herself with the worries that dominate their lives.

Once a nun in one of Elmet's many convents, she found herself a victim of one of the Angles many raids into that kingdom after the fall of Catraeth. While the warriors torched the church and buildings, they carried off anything they thought of value: golden chalices, jeweled crosses, silver ornaments for the altar, and a few of the most attractive of the sisters. The men would sell some as slaves; others they would keep for their own pleasure.

One of the most fortunate ones, Rhainillt's lot had not fallen to any common warrior but to Hussa - the king of Bernicia. Her days were no more pleasant than her nights under the the king's heavy, fumbling hands. His queen hated that Hussa chose to spend more time with his new slave than her. As she endured the harsh tasks set before her, Rhainillt would gladly have prayed that the king favor his wife once again - but she had lost all her faith.

With the threat of attack from a distant lord who has managed to unite the squabbling British kings, Hussa has decided to send an envoy to him to negotiate a deal. He will trade gold and silver for peace... and the princess who threatens the stability of his new domain. Determined to dispose of her rival, the queen has suggested that he throw Rhainillt into the bargain, having heard that Fionnlagh Mac an Rothaich has a reputation with the girls.

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