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Begun in the Texas panhandle town of Hereford in 1975. The National Cowgirl Museum & Hall of Fame is the only museum in the world dedicated to honoring and documenting the lives of women who have distinguished themselves while exemplifying the pioneer spirit of the American West. The Women who are inducted into the National Cowgirl Museum & Hall Of Fame are women of Spirit, Courage and Leadership. Great Women who have carved a path or paved the road for all women in many different walks of life.

NATIONAL COWGIRL MUSEUM & HALL OF FAME 1720 Gendy Street , Fort Worth, Texas 76107


Ladies' Bronc Riding Saddle O. J. Snyder Saddlery, circa 1925 Designed especially for female bronc riders, this saddle incorporates a short, deep-dish seat with high cantle and wide-swell fork for stability. The piece has large ring stirrups to avoid entanglements and secures with single, center-fire rigging. This saddle belonged to champion bronc rider Bonnie McCarroll, who was fatally injured in an arena accident at the Pendleton Roundup in 1929.


To be nobody but yourself in a world that's doing its best to make you somebody else, is to fight the hardest battle you are ever going to fight. Never stop fighting."

Bein' too positive in your opinions kin get you invited to a dance -- in the street, to the music of shots, nicely aimed.

Cowboys have been characterized as being Ultra Conservative. One hundred years ago, an Englishman was trying to find the owner of a huge ranch in South Dakota. Spotting a cowboy, he rode up to the man and asked,"My good man, where can I find your master?" The cowboy replied "That sumbitch hasn't been born yet". The Cowboy spirit hasn't changed appreciably in those hundred years, but he does answer to The Master.

When things do not go right with you, when the circumstances seem to be against you and Fate deals you a blow between the eyes, remember what the cowboys say in the great Northwest. Just grit your teeth, get another hold and let'er buck!"

Motto of the Pendleton Rodeo

My love is a rider, wild broncos she breaks, Though she promised to quit it, just for my sake. She ties up one foot and the saddle puts on. With a swing and a jump she is mounted and gone.

The first time I met her, 'twas early one spring, Riding a bronco, a high-headed thing. She tipped me a wink as she gayly did go, For she wished me to look at her bucking bronco.

Quoted from The Cowgirls, p.190, by Joyce Gibson Roach, University of North Texas Press, 1990 .

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