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Wickwire University: Journey into the Unknown:

Jayson Learned is a mild-mannered 2nd year student in Magical Arts at Wickwire University. Canadian born, he didn't learn of his ability until he hit puberty. As it began to emerge, he felt the need to hide his talent, knowing that those in his small town would never understand it.

He was attending the University of Toronto when he heard that Wickwire would be opening. Once he convinced his parents, he moved to New Orleans and was shocked at what he found. The shy young man was ill-prepared for the hedonism of the city, as well as the demands of the University.

Now in his second year of classes, he has continued to struggle, but that all changed recently. One day in the library, another student, Alexandre DeBarbarac, found him studying. Alexandre saw something in the younger man that nobody else seemed to see.

Now the two are happily dating and ready to move in together. Jayson is still working through his shyness with his new lover, but Alexandre has seen that they are destined to be together. As Bonds, they will never be separated.

Second Year Magical Arts
Class Schedule



9am - 10:30am ~ Science and Spirituality (Martell)
2pm - 4pm ~ Practical Magic (Webb)


9am - 10:30am ~ Advanced Meditation (de Leon)
2pm - 4pm ~ Basic Divination (Zahradnik)


9am - 10:30am ~ Herbology II (Martell)
2pm - 4pm ~ Spirit Communication (Bellmont)


9am - 10:30am ~ Practical Magic (Webb)
2pm - 4pm ~ Advanced Hypnosis (Sullivan)


9am - 10:30am ~ Advanced Meditation (Webb)
2pm - 4pm ~ Science and Spirituality (Martell)

Thanks, Alexandre!

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Wickwire University: Journey Into the Unknown - Out of Print

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Alexandre De Barbarac
Samantha Kooley
Salome Valmonte
Charles Aubrey

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