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Service Bronze Medal


In the PiRamesses Novel:

May every petal and every leaf on each flower remind you of the thankfulness I hold that we are a team.
May our friendship and partnership continue to grow without any thorns.
Your Pan Husband and friend who adores you,

Beautiful flowers for a more Beautiful Lady, Omorose. From your loving husband & friend, Birket.

I am Omorose Waset, Nomarch of the Eighth Nome, Ambassador to Assyria, ex-wife of Estarfigam, and mother of his twins; Atsu a son,

and a daughter, Kakra.

A gift from Dez aka DesertDweller!

Meet my puppy Uriah.
If his drool won't kill you,
His breath will!

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Pan Historia Junction
PiRamesses - Out of Print
Zone : Other

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Liaus Horatius
Estarfigam the Memphite
UsermaatRa Ramesses
Dr Armageddon Endikut
Shauri TaSherit
Tank Girl
Cimbrius Junius
Isetnofret the Queen
Julius Domitius
Terbus Curius Malleus

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