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Rank: Captain
Serial number: S91479-33276SV
Full Name: T'Shar (lineal Vulcan name unpronounceable)
Year of birth: 2369
Place of birth: Romulus
Parents: Ambassador Spock and Commander Sela
Education: Starfleet Academy, 2388-2405; Vulcan Science Academy 2406-2415
Marital status: not bonded
Last whereabouts:Shi'Kahr, Vulcan

Starfleet medical entry 2348924637.5 Retina scan required

Biographical notations on Captain T'Shar -Serial number: S91479-33276SV(known as "the Lady T'Sar"within certain circles on Vulcan) as follows: Starfleet section 31 Intelligence reveals that Captain T'Shar had been secretly conceived in a medical laboratory sometime in 2368, shortly after Spock covertly travelled to Romulus on a personal mission to further the cause of Romulan/Vulcan reunification.

In addition, secret intelligence procured from the Tal Shiar reveal that during a routine medical examination on Romulus, semen and other genetic material was secretly taken from Captain Spock.
The genetic material taken from Spock's semen was then combined with the unfertilized eggs of Commander Sela to produce the Vulcan-Romulan/human hybrid: T'Shar of Vulcan.

Within a year of her birth, the infant T'Shar was covertly taken to Earth where she was examinedby Leonard McCoy, M.D. to conclusively determine her parentage. Since determining the parentage of T'Shar, Dr. McCoy, has taken a personal interest in her upbringing. He has 'unofficially' adopted the girl and has made sure she had been given every opportunity to advance herself both within Starfleet and within the Vulcan Academy.
To date, only he, certain members within Section 31 and T'Pau of Vulcan know the true identity of this officer. Not even the captain is aware of her own hertiage. Should the Tal Shiar learn of her existance and identity, her very position in Star Fleet might be placed in jeopordy. It is for this reason that all documentation related to the Captain's birth has been classified 'Above Top Secret' -available only to specific individuals within Section 31 and of course to Leonard McCoy, M.D.;Ph.D.-Admiral in Star Fleet.
Genetic information on Commander Sela was furnished to Dr. McCoy at that time.

Medical analysis and findings on genetic testing for parentage as follows:

Analysis of Captain T'Shar's genetic material proves she is the biological offspring of both Captain(retired)Spock of Vulcan and Commander Sela of Romulus.



Commander Sela and Captain Spock at the time of T'Shar's unusual conception.

Level 12 clearance required. Classified by Section 31

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