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Briallen Ui Niall… unlike her more famous relatives she is neither rich or powerful but she possesses some of the family traits, including a knack for becoming embroiled in trouble. Although promised in marriage to a prosperous merchant at a young age, her father taught her to use both sword and shield… as well as other skills to dispatch those who displeased her. Her mother’s protests came to naught, as father and daughter shared a deep bond of affection and taste for excitement.

Reveling in the adventures she had with her father, Briallen refused the advantageous marriage her mother’s family had arranged for her. Over time she gained some of Meidrym’s skills… but still has much to learn.

Once the most famous assassin in Eire, Meidrym made many enemies but most feared him too much to make any attempt on his life. Once he grew old, he settled down comfortably to raise his one remaining daughter after her mother’s death. In time his enemies decided to make good on their threats of retribution and Briallen woke to find her father slain in the comfort of his own home.

Now the girl seeks her own vengeance for his death and travels to Dunadd to find the one man who can aid her…

Faolan Mac an Rothaich… now the man that every leader calls on when he has a problem he wants to disappear, this famous assassin learned much of his expertise from Meidrym. Praised by Briallen’s father as his most talented protégé, only Faolan can help her prepare for the challenge she will face when she confronts her father’s killer.

Some say that Faolan is heartless, only exerting himself for the treasure each mission brings him but Briallen is certain that he will want to aid in her capture of the man who slew his mentor.

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