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Who is Wyatt? I am one of the creators and publishers here at Pan Historia. I am also a serious writer who has yet to break out of the freedom and crutches of writing for an online community. Yeah, yeah, one day I’ll actually write that novel I’m planning… I swear it. I am also a painter on and off, more off right now, but that’s the way life is right now. There is so much one man can do since I work full time and manage both Pan Historia. Writing is my primary creative outlet right now.

Why Wyatt? I first became Wyatt Earp at the now defunct The History Vine, one of the subsidiary sites from old Ancient Sites. I wasn’t particularly interested in the Wild West at the time but had just watched Tombstone and it kicked ass. So there you go – an obsession was born. This Wyatt is a little different though. He’s more like me, which is to say a muddled, educated, creative man trying to find love, success, and meaning in our crazy modern world.

I’m also a number of different characters around the site. Not all of them are me in the sense that my primary character, Wyatt, is me. In other words I’m a serious writer and many of my site personas are characters just like any writer will have a number of characters. If you meet them I hope you enjoy their stories, whether sexy, scary, or bizarre.

My Novels:

Write Together - Out of Print
Zone : Contemporary
Zone : Horror
Turnskin - Out of Print
Lone Star Hauntings
Survivor! Pan Historia
The Pan Millionaire's Club
Ghost Stories
That Seventies Novel
Pandora's Box

My Reference:

The Music Studio
Stay Tuned!
The Midnight Society
The Play's The Thing
The Factory

My Blog:

My Salons:

The Bull Pen
Tyrian Purple
Cragmere Keep
Pan Press
The Round Table
The Writers Guide to AE - Work Group
Clio's Place
The Wolf's Den
The HellFire Club
Supreme Court
Room of Requirement
Frater et Soror Alchemia
The Ink and Quill Club
Coding by Lamplight
The Academy of Pan Historia Arts and Sciences
The Raven's Nest
Board of Directors

My Friends:

Clementine Proulx
Isetnofret the Queen
Molly Tarr
Synn Gardenn
Amanda Hart
Kelly Silver Wise
Captain StarCastle
River Song
The Helper Elf
Alanis Archer

My Favorites:

666 West End Avenue
The Okee Dokee Corral
The New Kingdom - Out of Cookies
The Bitter Sky
Zone : Horror
Survivor! Pan Historia
TARDIS Diaries - Out of Print
House of the Dragon

My Pandas:

Sincere feelings perfectly described!
Mar 14, 2021 05:02 pm
As always, connecting all the storylines. Well done!
Dec 13, 2020 07:28 am
You're [EXPLETIVE DELETED] Adorable. <3
Oct 22, 2020 12:24 am
Change of scenery; always a good thing! I hope you can relax.
Sep 11, 2020 07:31 pm
*hugs* I hope for the best
Sep 11, 2020 05:25 pm

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