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The above home image comes from Elanor (flower) - LOTR Wiki

The first home I remember:

Look at what Grandma Chestnut gave me for Halloween!

I have elanor rosettes from Fantasy Faire 2011!

In New Tales From Middle Earth:

Greetings! I am Elanor, the eldest daughter of Samwise Gamgee and Rose Cotton. My parents married on May 1, 1420 in the Shire Reckoning. SR 1420 is equivalent to Third Age 3020 in the rest of Middle Earth. This was the Great Year of Plenty in the Shire. Frodo Baggins was then Mayor but he resigned his office on Mid-Year's Day of that year. Will Whitfoot took over from Frodo Baggins and again became Mayor.

(Thanks Jemima for the lovely card!)

I was born on March 25th in SR 1421 (Third Age 3021). Many of the hobbit children born at this time were born with golden hair. I was also born with golden hair as were two of my sisters.

The people of Gondor consider March 25th of TA 3021 to be the first day of the Fourth Age. It was in this year (on September 21st) that Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee set out for the Grey Havens. On September 29th, Frodo Baggins and Bilbo Baggins sailed into the West and the Third Age truly came to an end.

Some call me Elanor the Fair while others call me Elanor Gardner. My name comes from the Elvish Elanor, which is a golden, star-shaped flower my father and the other companions of the Ring found in Lothlorien. Elanor means "sun-star".

It was Frodo Baggins himself who named me. My father had been at a lost as to what to name me. Had I been a boy I would have been called Frodo (as indeed my brother was) but I was a lass and my father did not know what to name me. So Frodo Baggins suggested the name, Elanor. Traditionally Hobbit lasses have been named from flowers of the Shire but Frodo Baggins named me for an Elvish flower. Some have said that the Elvish name is apt for they say I look more like an elf-maid than a hobbit-lass. My father says I take after my mother.

I am the eldest of the 13 children of Sam and Rose Gamgee. Their oldest son is Frodo Gardner or Frodo-lad, who is the exact image of my father. He was born in SR 1423. Rose was born in SR 1425, Merry in 1427, Pippin in 1429, Goldilocks (who also has golden hair) was born in 1431, Hamfast (named for my father's father) in 1432, Daisy (named for Aunt Daisy, my father's sister) in 1433, Primrose in 1435, Bilbo in 1436, Ruby in 1438, Robin in 1440, and Tolman or Tom in 1442. I was 21 when my youngest brother was born.

In SR 1427 (the year brother Merry was born) my father became Mayor of the Shire and Peregrin Took married Diamond of Long Cleeve. King Elessar decreed that Men were not to enter the Shire.

Meriadoc the Magnificent became Master of Buckland in 1432 (the year brother Hamfast was born). He was sent gifts by King Eomer and Lady Eowyn of Ithilien.

Peregrin Took became the Thain in 1434. King Elessar made the Thain, the Master of Buckland, and the Mayor (Samwise Gamgee) Counsellors of the North-kingdom.

In 1436 (the year Bilbo was born) I had the priviledge of being the maid of honor to Queen Arwen. In 1442 (the year Tom was born) Samwise Gamgee, Rose Cotton, and myself stayed in Gondor for a year. Master Tolman Cotton (my uncle, the older brother of my mother) served as deputy Mayor in the Shire. Master Tolman Cotton was married to Marigold Gamgee, the younger sister of Samwise Gamgee.

My first boyfriend was Goodwill Whitfoot, the son of the Mayor. But in time I met and married my husband, Fastred of Greenholm in the Far Downs, in SR 1451 (Fourth Age 31). We have many children. Our eldest son is Elfstan, who some call Elfstan Fairbairn. He was born in SR 1454 (FoA 34). Elfstan's name means "Elf-stone". We named him after the King, Elessar. I also have a younger son, Wilcome (named after my mother's twin brother) and daughters Lily (named for my mother's mother), Bell (named for my father's mother), May (named for my father's sister), and Marigold (named for my father's youngest sister), whom we call Mari.

In 1452 the Westmarch, the land from the Far Downs (which used to be the eastern edge of the Shire) to the Tower Hills (Emyn Beraid), where Elves used to live, was added to the Shire by the gift of King Elessar. Many hobbits moved there.

In 1455, Master Samwise Gamgee asked the Thain (Peregrin Took) to make my husband the Warden of Westmarch. We moved to the Tower Hills in the Westmarch, the new part of the Shire. We call our home the Undertowers.

When my father, the last of the Ringbearers, goes into the West, I will be the holder of the Red Book and all that it contains. The Red Book began as the diary of Bilbo Baggins and it starts with his thin, wandering hand. Then Bilbo Baggins added Translations From the Elvish. Over the years, Frodo Baggins, with his firm flowing script, and then my father with his dear familiar hand, added other sections. The book contains much Elvish lore and an account of the War of the Eing. It will be my responsibility to pass on the tales to suceeding generations.

(Rose Cotton will die in SR 1482 on Mid-year's Day. On September 22nd of that year, Sam Gamgee will ride out from Bag End and come to the Tower Hills, where he gives the Red Book to Elanor. He then passes over the Sea. In SR 1484, King Eomer asked to see the Master of Buckland. Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took handed over their offices to their sons and headed out for Sarn Ford. They were never again seen in the Shire. Later it was learned that Master Meriadoc went to Edoras and was with King Eomer when Eomer died in the autumn. Then Meriadoc and Peregrin went to Gondor where they died and were buried in Rath Dinen among the great of Gondor. King Elessar died in SR 1541 on March 1st. It was said that the beds of Meriadoc and Peregrin were brought near him at that time. Legolas built a grey ship in Ithilien and sailed down the Anduin and over the Sea. It is said that Gimli went with him. "And when that ship passed an end was come in Middle-earth of the Fellowship of the Ring.")

In The Lion's Den

Elanor of Brittany (Bretagne) was born in 1517 in the Chateau de Comper in Paimpont Forest. The Chateau de Comper was a strong, square castle with towers in each of its four corners. A drawbridge allowed entrance over the moat. According to tradition, the first owner of Comper was Saloman, the 9th century king of Brittany. But the first recorded owner was the baron Raoul de Gael-Monfort, a companion of William of Normandy. The name, Comper, like Quimper, came from the Breton word kemper or "confluence". The forest was dominated by several ponds, including the Lake of Comper or L'Etang de Comper.

Elanor's mother had been visiting her Rieux relatives in the Chateau de Comper when the time came for Elanor to be born. Elanor was not a Breton name or even a French name. Some assumed her name was Eleanora. Elanor herself liked to say her name was a fairy name from ancient Broceliande for Paimpont Forest was formerly known as Broceliande.

Broceliande was a place of myth and mystery. It was said that the Lady of the Lake lived nearby. Here it was that Excalibur appeared in the lake. Merlin or Myrddin met the Lady of the Lake at the Fountain of Barenton (Brittany). He fell in love with her and agreed to teach her all he knew. The Lady became Merlin's scribe and recorded his prophecies. In time, she became more powerful than her teacher and she imprisoned Merlin in the Glass Tower. She tried to take over Merlin's role with King Arthur but Arthur soon fell at the Battle of Camlann. The Lady of the Lake reclaimed Excalibur and took the sword back to her lake. The Lady of the Lake was one of the three queens who escorted Arthur to Avalon. Some stories confused the Lady of the Lake with Morgan Le Fay, who was another of the three queens who escorted Arthur to Avalon. The Lady of the Lake was also called Viviane. Some said that Viviane lived in a crystal palace that Merlin built for her. Merlin hid the crystal palace under the waters to protect her. L'Hotie de Vivian, an ancient cromlech, was said to be her house. Others said that Merlin's tomb was nearby and that the Ile Daval on the Domnonian Coast was the Isle of Avalon.

But Elanor did not grow up at the Chateau de Comper in the Paimpont or Broceliande Forest. She grew up in Auray in the Vannetais by Vannes. Ancient Vannes got its name from the powerful Veneti who had troubled Ceasar in Roman times. Auray was near the extensive megalithic ruins of Carnac. No one knew how old Carnac was. Some said it dated to Roman times. They said that the native peoples raised Carnac to honor Caesar. Elanor did not believe that. Still others said that the stones were Roman soldiers who had been turned to stone as they chased after the Pope. Others said that there was a Karnak in Egypt so the Egyptians must have built Carnac in Brittany. It was also said that the stones of Carnac headed down to the sea for a swim now and then. Elanor had never seen this happen but she knew it was true.

But now the 16 year old Elanor was leaving all she knew to marry a man she had never met in the far north. She had met the father of the boy and had been able to communicate with him with her heavily accented English. She was fluent in the Breton language and French and knew quite a bit of Latin but she lacked confidence in her English. The father, a merchant, had seemed nice enough. He had even given her a nickname already: Ela. But she had never been out of Brittany before. The closest she had come to leaving had been a visit to St. Michel on the border of Brittany and Normandy. Now she was leaving her home for England.

Note: Carnac really dates to about 5700 BC.


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Megaliths: Stones of Memory, Jean-Pierre Mohen, New York, Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 1999.

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