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Full Name: Jeth Spedro

Nickname: Boss

Occupation: Crimelord

Birth Date: July 10, 2362

Birth Place: Pleasurana, Vega III

Age: 40

Race: Caucasian

Hair Color/Style: Black, short

Eyes: Grey. Intense.

Skin Tone: Fair, tanned

Scars/Distinguishing Marks: None

Build/Body Type: Fit, deep-chested, body-builder's physique

Height: 6' 2"



He is very methodically building his own power base and empire centered on Kesia.

His outward personality is that of a polished gentleman. He exercises courtesy to women as naturally as breathing, but doesn't hesitate to show men who displease him the ruthless side of his nature. He is master of his emotions, and does not react rashly to anything.

He is extremely dangerous.

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Spiral Galaxy

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Jerry Cornelius
Jeth Spedro
Layla Michelle Spedro

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