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The name bestowed to me by M'Lady and Regent when I returned from a most sucessful Huntress mission . My birth name...only known to a handful of Sisters and even do not breath a letter of it. So, unless you are my equal or such ...well, then, it is of no concern of yours now is it? Chetan Bamaseam...Mist Dancer...there is a great meaning there...Ah, yes it is a title I cherish and have the scars earned to show it. Perhaps as the days go by I may reveal exactly what and how. My cell is ringing..."Yes, thank you tell M'Lady not to worry the situation is handled. When? The moment I arrive and that will be before the sun sets...I see you are still here, Oh, I am sorry you say something? Ah, you asked what is a Mistwalker? Pray, that you never have an occassion to find out. Perhaps we can talk another time...but, for now please excuse me I have a situation to negate and must catch my flight."

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Pan Historia Junction
Thicker Than Blood - The Sisterhood and Their Brethren

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