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Hunting along the coasts of Britain, Crimthan cares little whose ship he seizes as long as its hull is filled with valuable cargo. He’ll plunder any merchant who dares plot a course too close to his own but relies on the speed of his vessel to permit him to escape those who seek to capture him.

Small but deadly, like the bird whose name it bears, the Kestrel can speed across the waves with ease. Those who tangle with her never forget the strength of her talons, if they survive at all.

Crimthan’s wife, Eirlys, always offers a warm welcome to her husband when he returns from his many weeks at sea. Despite the occasional quarrel, they share a strong bond… greed!

In a lightning raid, Crimthan has managed to free Tegwedd from the grasp of her gaolers. As the sister of Moray's mormaer, she is a valuable hostage but Crimthan needs the help to conduct the negotiations that will garner him treasure beyond belief. Thus he has gone to Dunadd to seek help from Fionnlagh Mac an Rothaich.

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