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Einion Mac an Rothaich is a warrior in the Mac clan. After a life of adversity, he has finally found his footing and is striving to be a great warrior. He has a good eye in battle and is skilled with a blade. He is incredibly loyal to the clan and the war leader. Although still challenged for his lifestyle, he takes it all in stride, happier to laugh about it then be too serious.

Einion met Yaakov four winters ago at the Kilt and Thistle. Before this, he was known among the warriors for his whoring and drinking. He was confident that he could have whatever man he wanted. However, all of that ended the day he first set eyes on Yaakov. He found the odd, little man enchanting and immediatly began to court him. With his own confidence, he was able to help Yaakov leave his past behind him and find pride in himself.

After many long months of searching, Yaakov and Jamie Mac an Rothaich escaped the Cruithne and returned to Dunadd. While Einion still loves Yaakov, the warrior has experienced troublesome times. He has developed an affection for the young warrior Gareth. Yaakov, realizing this affair, has returned to the Kilt and Thistle to consider the situation.

Gareth will not so easily give up on the man with whom he has fallen in love and is prepared to challenge Yaakov for Einion's love.

Einion Mac an Rothaich, the Rainbow Warrior

Thank you, Brigit from Kincara

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