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Deneb Waystation

Name: Drew Alexander Greybourne

Age: 31

Birthdate: June 4, 2369

Birthplace: Billings, Montana

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Black

Build/Body type: Lean, fit

Height: 5 11

Weight: 175

Profession: General Manager, Deneb Waystation

Father--Gareth Joshua Greybourne
Mother--Nyssa Baird Greybourne

Brother--Allard Joshua (older)
Calandra Nyssa (Older twin)
Helen Sarah (Younger)

Uncle: David Camden Greybourne
Aunt: Lisa Martins Greybourne
Cousins: Thane William and Charlotte Ann Greybourne (married)

Grandparents: Camden Joshua (b.2315)and Belinda Cameron Greybourne (b. 2320), still living

Health: Excellent

Background: Drew is the third of Gareth and Nyssa's four children, and is Calandra's younger twin. He has always been fascinated with the family business, and majored in Business Administration. Armed with his MBA, he accepted Gareth's challenge to revive one of his newest acquisitions, Deneb Waystation, located along the Deneb Corridor.
Drew is on good terms with everyone in his family. While understanding that Gareth isn't perfect, he deeply loves and respects him, and hates the rift between him and Allard. To the point where he has a subconscious resentment of his prodigal brother.
Drew is a good administrator, and stands up for himself and his principles.

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Spiral Galaxy

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Greybourne Tavern
The Writers Den
Braeden's Command and Control
La Hacienda de Cortez

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Drew Alexander Greybourne
Lyndsey Soloman
Allard Greybourne
Joshua Adam Greybourne
Calandra Nyssa Greybourne
Helen Sarah Greybourne
Nyssa Baird Greybourne
Gareth Joshua Greybourne
Derek Gladwin
Camden Joshua Greybourne
Chalmer Kilgour
Jordan Raine Hunter

My Favorites:

Beyond The Stars - Out of Print

Interstellar Geographic

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