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Panathenaic Games Medal
Silver in Jousting

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I am the man with 80 titles. I am Senenmut. I was born of simple parents, I had no future, so my parents arranged that I should be schooled as a scribe.

That was a fortuitous decision.

Now I have the ear of Maatkare and am tutor to her daughter the Princess Neferure. Some jealous of my good fortune have inferred impropriety between myself and the Per A'a. I can assure you that the Maatkare Hatshepsut, Son of the Sun, may she live, would do nothing to jepordize her standing in the eyes of her people.

I share much of her time as does many of her servants.

Though, of course, such a thing has crossed my mind. I worship and adore my Per A'a. She is a beautiful women. But, I am her servant. May the gods forgive my desires.

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Zone : History
Pan Historia Junction
The New Kingdom - Out of Cookies

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Adrasteia Hatshepsut
Lady Nofret Hor
General Prince Nakht Set
Nefersha Hatshepsut

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Amarna - Out of Print
The Time Lords - Out of Print

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