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August 16, 1969

There was magic in the air. 500,000 people had come together for music, good lovin' and all that was great about growing up in this time of change, of revolution, of sex, drugs and rock n roll. Dakota Mazerion took a long pull on the joint somebody had passed him and thought about being part of these history making days...His band had driven hundreds of miles, even though they were not part of the amazing line-up of the country's best musicians. This was their time, Dak knew. His time was coming. About that, he had no doubt. Life was how he imagined it should be. The world belonged to the young, even while run by the old, worn-down-by-the weight-of-their-self-delusion politicians.

Fuck growing up to become president. He was reaching for brighter stars. Riding the waves of the music he wrote and played, he was a soaring eagle, becoming part of a greater voice that would change the course of the world... But that was before The IO Effect.

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Pan Historia Junction
The Io Effect - Out of Print

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Dak Mazerion
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The Lord of Multitasking
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Zone : History
The Avatars of Darkness and Radiance - Out of Print
StarGate SG-1 - Out of Print
Souvenir de la Mal Maison - Out of Print

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Thanks for the memories. It's chilling.
Jan 26, 2012 10:41 am
Best Displaced Musician
April 2007

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