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Princess Sitamun is the eldest daughter of Queen Tiye and Pharaoh Amenhotep III.

Amun, greatest of all the gods.
Sitamun's name means “Daughter of Amun”. Despite her father's promotion of the Aten, and her brother Akhenaten's monotheism that forbade worship of Amun, Sitamun never stopped her belief in her namesake.

In the 30th year of Amenhotep III's reign, during his first Sed festival, Princess Sitamun became one of her father's queens at the age of 12. He was 39. She shared the title "King's Great Wife" with her mother, Queen Tiye.

Sitamun’s father and husband, Pharaoh Amenhotep III.

King Amenhotep was considered by some to be the greatest Pharaoh in Egyptian history. During his long reign Egypt prospered greatly and had a long stretch of peace.

Sitamun is his favorite child.

Sitamun possessed her own palace across the Nile river from Waset in the royal compound at Malkata and had great estates, but never took precedence over Amenhotep's favorite wife, her mother Tiye. Sitamun's sisters Isis and Henut-Taneb also seem to have married their father at some later point in Amenhotep's reign, but never attained the prominence that the oldest of Amenhotep’s children had.

Many of images of Sitamun show her wearing a lotus crown with royal cobra or gazelle with a short nubian-style wig. The most famous are two wooden chairs that were in her grandparents' -- Yuya and Thuya's -- tomb.

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