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Em hotep! I am Nofret-Hor, daughter of Ramose, born of Hatnofer. I lived during the times of Maatkare Khenmetamen Hatshepsut, the 'female-pharaoh'. Maatkare is one of the pharaohs of our 18th dynasty. My eldest brother Senenmut, who had as many as 80 titles, was an official in Hatshepsut's court. With all his recognition there had to be some jealousy. At the time there was a rumor that possibly he was our Pharaoh's lover. Evil gossip I am sure. Our family comes from Iuni, about fifteen miles from ancient Waset. Neither of our parents had any significant titles to suggest a higher station in society. Mother was simply "Mistress of the House", a title claimed by virtually any ancient Kemeteyu homemaker and Father was 'the Worthy'. (My sister Ahhotep cannot understand where that title came from. I myself believe that mother gave it to him; after all, he was the father of all of her children!) Blessed as my mother and father were, it was a miracle that all of my brothers and sister lived to adulthood. Besides the legendary Senenmut, I had three other brothers: Amenemhet, Pairy and Minhotep, and one sister, Ahhotep. Some people think Senimen, the successor of Senenmut as tutor to Princess Neferure, was my fifth brother. His name is very similar to Senenmut's, but he is no relation. (Most, if not all, of this information was gleaned from my sisters homesite. Thanks sis for all of your hard work *smile*)

In our novel I am the Lady Nofret-Hor, the eldest sister of the man of many titles, the great Lord Senenmut. I am also the older sister of Ahhotep. She is my opposite. Where as I am rash and emotional, she is shy and reserved. Where as I am talkative and restless, she is quiet and serene. We both are very handsome women and have been instructed in all the manners that we will need now that we are members of our Great Maatkare Hatshepsut's court.

I have also found myself falling in love with an equally brash man. He is as handsome as a god and I am sure he is falling in love with me. He is the General of Maatkare's forces of Ptah, the Hereditary Prince Nakht-Set. His friends and family call him Seti.

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Zone : History
The New Kingdom - Out of Cookies
Amarna - Out of Print

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Adrasteia Hatshepsut
General Prince Nakht Set
Nefersha Hatshepsut
Peter of Dreux

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An Empire Divided: The Fall of Het-Uart - Out of Print

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