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With Lorne thrown into upheaval by the assassination of Diathi and the consequent death of Ruairi, the son he hoped to follow him, Lorne faces the potential of great internal strife as powerful factions vie for dominance. Many seek control but only one will rule.

Who will it be?

A bold and resourceful warrior, Loegaire is known as “the Hawk” for the bold, aggressive manner in which he traps his prey – animal or human. Content to permit others to exercise the ultimate power until now, Loegaire seeks to replace Diathi after the death of his brother, Conri. Someone hoped to narrow the list of candidates when they assassinated Conri but Loegaire will not allow anyone to profit by his death. In the swirling turmoil of competition, he will take whatever actions or make whatever promises are necessary to acquire preeminence. Many seek supremacy but only one will attain it: Loegaire will be that man and will use his authority to make those who conspired at the death of his brother pay for their actions!

Jarlath mac Ruadan: an ambitious cousin to Diathi who too wishes to take the reins of command. Impassive and devious, no one can know what schemes and intrigues he will devise to win approval. Although not one to form bonds of affection or loyalty, his abilities speak for themselves, promising great success. Those who follow him have yet to find cause to lament their choice.

Gwythyr mac Laoire: another cousin to Diathi who served long and well but now desires the power that his cousin held. His charm and affability make him popular with all but that may not translate into the respect necessary to win selection to become Lorne’s new lord. Jealous of Diathi throughout his reign, he sees this as his chance to prove himself to all of those who doubted him when they chose his cousin many years ago. Anyone who threatens that chance may regret their opposition.

Aingeal mac Feradach: the unknown factor among contenders who have spent their lives vieing against each other for wealth and status. One of those rare women able to compete in a man's world, she has earned a reputation on the battlefield. The daughter of the king of Osraige, she already possesses valuable lands in Eire. Will her high birth also help her to gain control of Lorne?

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