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"Make the choice adventurous stranger, strike the bell and bide the danger or wonder 'till it drives you mad what would have happened if you had." - C.S. Lewis

Name: Temperance Riley
NN: Riles, Temp, Temper
Age: 25
Description: Dark hair, blue eyes. Intelligent, flirty & fun but tough. Not a girl to mess with.

Temperance grew up in Boston,MA - where she graduated high school a year early. She then attended Boston University where she recieved an MA in archaeology and history. She started her PHD but decided to break, feeling a need to get away for awhile.

Her family includes Her parents, Landon & Gwen Riley & her two older brothers Jericho (26) & Malachi (28). Being the only girl, she never quite caught on to 'girl things'. She spent her teenage years generally hanging out with her brothers or reading. They'd take her camping with them and teach her to shoot and defend herself just in case they couldn't be there as in typical brother fashion, were over-protective.

It was difficult for Temperance once they both had left home, but thanks to them she had a lot of confidence and also it gave her the initiative to work hard to graduate early so she could start on her dream as well. Now, years later she's ready for some kind of adventure outside the classroom.

Temp has many hobbies, including photography, kickboxing, shooting, reading, & horse back riding to name a few. Temperance is also a bit on the eccentric side. She sees it more as she just loves life and doesn't see any reason why she shouldn't enjoy it. She also loves doing things spur of the moment, as it's more exciting that way.

When it comes to relationships, she gets a bit nervous. She dates, but isn't sure about the idea of actually commiting to one person. She imagines if the right one comes along she could, but for now it's not something she really concerns herself with. Temp just enjoys being young & flirty.

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Wickwire University: Journey Into the Unknown - Out of Print

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