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The younger brother of the tanist of the cenel nComgaill and retainer of Tarbert, Sioltach is eager to attain rank and status. Always older, always stronger, always more clever, Ainmire is not an easy sibling to deal with, leaving Sioltach no choice but to establish his own authority as best he may. Gathering warriors dissatisfied with Ainmire around him, he hopes to prove that he too can win great victories for the cenel nComgaill.

Dismissing his younger brother as just a distraction in his own plans, Ainmire has expanded his own power by a carefully managed set of alliances. Now he hopes to dominate the lower part of the Kintyre peninsula by a marriage with Lasair, the daughter of the warden of Dun Craghach. Acting swiftly, Sioltach hopes to wed the girl himself before his brother can gain the approval of the Ard Righ’s representative in Dunadd.

After convincing the girl of his worthiness to claim her, Sioltach hastened to secure his rights. A quick trip to Dunadd will confirm his privileges – if only he can convince the Mac an Rothaich leader to authorize his request. With Lasair as his bride and the fortress of Dun Cragach in his care, Sioltach can prove to his brother who is truly the better man. He only needs the powerbase from which to build his own authority.

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