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Age: 22
Blood Type: B
Birthday: 5/23

Cloud's childhood friend, and the only person who truly remembers his past. A master of martial arts, Tifa was alsy a key player in Avalanche operations two years ago. Currently she works at Seventh Heaven while caring for Marlene and Midgar's orphans.

In Kingdom Hearts II
A young woman in search of a certain someone. Unflunching, unrelently, Tifa has looked far and wide. Her journey won't be over until she finds the person she seeks. Which is Cloud.

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Kingdom Hearts - Hearts Destiny

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Cloud Strife
Vincent Valentine
Raine Vicari
Ridley Silverlake
Leona Weisheit
Vivi Orunitia
Jack Russell
Genius Weisheit

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Kingdom Hearts - Hearts Destiny

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