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They come creeping our of darkness, and to darkness they return.
In their wake they leave destruction;
where they go, no one can learn
For they leave no trace in passing,
as if all who watched were blind Like a dream of evil sending,
Nightblades passing, nightblades rending
Into darkness once more blending
Leaving only dead behind.

Lyrics Copyright Mercedes Lackey The Herald Mage Trilogy

Name: Amaris Lenora Star chaser

Designation GDI Enforcer x-1239 Silver Talon Elite Nightblade.

Code Nyghtblade.

Classification: Dangerous.

Hair Black.

Eyes: Gold

Age: 24

Height: 55

Weight: 110

Discernable Features: Amari appears to be a well-built woman with a seductive yet lethal air. She moves with a catlike grace that often hides a deadly intent. As a by-product of experiments that were carried out Amari has molten gold eyes that seem to swirl or glow when she is held by a strong emotion or when she is distress. As a notable feature amari has a tattoo of a silver dragon on her right ankle and a silver eagle talon tattoo on her left hand with the id #s x1239DN4270038 on the inside of her right thumb identifying her experiment number. She also has a tribal tattoo at the base of her spine done in black.

Current enhancements: Nyghtblade has currently undergone 11 enhancement procedures. She has had four types 5 speed and agility enhancements 3 type three sense enhancements sight hearing and touch. Added Danger sense enhancement as well as permanent night vision, 1 type 6 endurance and durability enhancement and an added enhancement that makes her immune to most toxins.

Training: Advanced combat and weapons, Demolitions, Degree in Military Science, Criminal investigation and Martial arts.

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