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Characters created by Chris Claremont and George Lucas ®
(Artwork by:Ciruelo Cabral)

Elora Danan, the orphaned child of the outcast sorceress, Marhiskah, has in her possession the two last known dragon eggs…possibly the last hope for the survival of her people who struggle beneath the archaic rule of those who proclaim themselves, Gods, leaving the welfare and hopes of those they rule crushed upon the fields of battle. If she can get them safely away from Vasta's greedy rulers.

Endless wars waged against the powerful civilizations of Shambhala and Huxia, have left the common people of Vasta in near desolation and in fear of vanishing from the world forever. The task of bringing hope back to her people has fallen to Elora, who has sworn to protect the once believed mythical eggs at all costs. It is said, the powers they contain could topple Kingdoms, surely the reason those who preside over Vasta want them so badly. Elora will stop at nothing to see the eggs safely to the distant shores of Bospora and the joining of the great Seas. According to the myth, the Sea is the last home of dragons. Just how the eggs came to be in Vasta still remains a mystery to her.

Armed and willing to risk her life to ensure the eggs are safe and the dragons will be born, Elora begins her journey alone, and in secret, vowing to trust no one. She never expected to be joined along the way by an enemy who becomes her most loyal companion.

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