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Behold Djeserkheperu Smenkhkara Ankhkeperura, co-regent to my brother Neferkheperura Waenra Akhenaten. Bow down and kiss the dirt before my feet. I have taken Meritaten as my Chief Wife and she will bare many children to carry on the House of Kheperura.

I am immortal. I can not grow old nor can I die except if my head is seperated from my body.

I was born in the 15th year of Nebmaatra Amenhotep's rule over the Two Lands. I was his third son of his body got on his wife the Lady of the Two Lands Tiye. My brother was then the co-regent and making noised about his new religon. It was not long after my birth that he took a wife, the great beauty Nefertiti.

I lived the life of a prince of Kemet, wanting and lacking for nothing until my father passed to the west. It was then that I travelled to my brothers new city of Akhetaten and there I was to become his co-regent and take a wife of my own. She was the beautiful daughter of Nefertiti. Her name, Meritaten. I adored her and she me. We were happy beyond measure. Then my brother passed to the west under suspicious circimstances and I became the soul ruler of Kemet. I did not sit easy on my brothers throne. There were those that did not feel that I could rule so I was murdered to make way for a more maleble monarch.
I saw the face of the man who took my life. It was the General Horemheb. He faced me in an empty corridor and thrust his sword into my belly and up into my heart. As I lay leaking my lifes blood upon the brightly painted mosaic floor I heard my wife Meritaten scream. Then with the last ounce of my strength I lifted myself up and watched as the General slit the throat of my beautiful wife.
I woke on a table in the House of Mysteries. Looking at my body I saw the mortal wound had healed. But that was not the case for my dear wife. She lay on a table next to mine. Nothing I could do would revive her. I was confused. Why had I been spared? What gods trick was this that I should live and my wife should die? A foolish priest entered the room and saw me. I grabbed a embalmers knife and ran him throw. There was nothing I could do but leave this place.
I hid for many births of Ra. I watched from a hiding place as my beautiful Meritaten was forever sealed within a tomb above the city of Akhetaten. I watched too as an imposter was buried in my place. It was little Tutankhaten who performed the opening of my mouth and thus became the new Lord of the Two Lands. General Horemheb and my Uncle the Vizier Aye stood behind the boy as he raised the adze to my substitutes lips. It was then that I vowed vengence.
I left my beloved land behind. There was no place for me. How could I show myself? How could I be me? If I did I would only be slane again and who knew if the second time would work?
I crossed the Great Green and it was there that I met a man who told me what I was. Marius was my teacher, he was my friend. He told me about the Prize and how I must watch my back and not let any other immortal take my head. He was a good friend and I stayed with him for many years.
It was in the early 1900's and Kemet or should I say Egypt was all the rage. Men were making a name for themselves digging up the remains of my ancestors. I found work with these men as a guide and a translator. It was long before I became the headman for Howard Carter
I stood by and watched him open the long lost tomb of my brother. I watched as he desicrated the poor boy's remains. But there was nothing I could do except take the scrolls of Thoth that were hidden in the guardian statues so that these men could not find the rest of my family. You see, as I helped these diggers find the old kings and queens I also hid the tombs of my family. My mother Tiye, my brother Akhenaten, my sister-in-law Nefertiti and all her children and of course my beautiful wife Meritaten. I placed all of them and their funeral goods in a hidden tomb that I protected from theives. It was the least I could do.

There Can Be Only One!

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