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Throughout Diathi’s long reign, Gwythyr provided support for his rule. A trusted advisor and friend, he served Diathi well but always with a jealousy that his cousin presided over Lorne, rather than him. After all, didn’t Gwythyr possess the very same talents that kept his cousin securely in power?

With the sudden death of his righ, Gwythyr’s latent ambition has revealed itself to those around him. Negotiating with friends and enemies, he now forms alliances that that will offer him the support he needs to claim his place on the dais. Others will oppose him but somehow he will overcome them to rule Lorne.

Addfwyn, Gwythyr’s mistress for several years. She is an shrewd and ambitious woman who realizes that Gwythyr could never marry her if he is to become righ. But she will not relinquish the affection he has for her easily. Needing the relative of a powerful man for his wife, Gwythyr must take another. Must he set aside his mistress to please her? Would Addfwyn risk his rise to power to hold onto her influence?

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