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Najerilla River across Najera
Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 2.0 Generic by drcymo 29August2006

Manrique de Lara Coat of Arms
By SanchoPanzaXXI(Taller de Heráldica y Vexilología in the Spanish Wikipedia ).SanchoPanzaXXI [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

I paraded in the third annual Pan parade!

My lords and ladies, you may click on these links to learn more information about me in the following goodly novels:

Lion's Den

Lion's Den

�Hola! I was a maid of honor to Queen Catherine of Aragon, born Do�a Catalina, but now I have married an English lord and watch the continuing saga that is the court of King Henry VIII.

I am married to Francis, Viscount Talbot, the eldest son of the elderly 4th Earl of Shrewsbury, George, Lord Shrewsbury. Lord Shrewsbury is 62 in 1530, and he was the first of his family to choose Sheffield as his home. My husband's mother was Anne Hastings, who was born in Leicestershire. The first Talbot who was the Earl of Shrewsbury (second creation), was John, Lord Shrewsbury, an important military commander in the Hundred Year's War (1337-1453). The 4th Earl of Shrewsbury fought Lambert Simnal at the Battle of Stoke. My husband will take the title in 1538.

Our children are:

  • George, who is married to Margery, Baroness Villiers of Oadby.
  • Leonor (Elinor to my husband), who is married to Lord Drogo Wellington, Viscount of Douro, son of Lady Wellington and Christopher Lord Wellington, the Marquess of Wellington.
  • Arthur
  • Elena (Ellen to my husband), who is married to Baron Sackville of Knole.
  • Ysabel, who is married to Hugh Baron Hastings, the son of George Baron Hastings and Joan Brabshimire of Hemingboro.

My father was the Duke of N�jera, also the count of Trevi�o, Don Pedro Manrique de Lara. He was made duke in 1482 and died in 1515 at a ripe old age. His father was Diego G�mez, the count of Trevi�o, and his mother was Mar�a de Sandoval.

My mother was Guiomar de Castro, the daughter of Alvaro Pires de Castro, the first count of Monsanto, and Isabel de Ataide.

My brothers and sisters are:

  • Antonio, married to Juana Folch de Cardona, daughter of the duke of Cardona. Antonio is now the Duke of N�jera, as Juan and Garcia have already passed on. Antonio and Juana's children are Manrique, Bernardino, and Guiomar.
  • Leonor, who was married to Francesco de Z��iga, marquis d'Ayamonte (died in 1525). Leonor's daughter is Teresa.
  • Juana, married to Victor Velez de Guevara, son of count d�O�ate. They have a son named Pedro.
  • Brianda, married to the late Luis de Beaumont, count of Ler�n (died in 1530). Brianda's son Luis is now the fourth count.
  • Francisca, married to Fernando Folch de Cardona, whose daughters are Juana, Aldonza, Ana, and Mar�a.
  • Mar�a, married to Luis Fernandez Manrique de Lara, the second marquis d�Aguilar de Campoo. Their children are Juan, In�s, Isabel, and Catalina.

I love to read, embroider (blackwork), and I love music. I play the lute, harpsichord, recorder, flutes, and virginals. I can also play the vihuela. I sing, although I get off key easily. My sister Francisca has a beautifully high voice. I and my sister Brianda struggle on the high notes.

I read hagiographies (the lives of the saints), and I like Juan de Mena�s work, which is similar to Dante's. I have read the Tragicomedia de Calisto y Melibea [La Celestina], a popular work.

I love Amadis de Gaul, the earliest chivalric work I�ve seen [like the later Don Quijote]. I also read Petrarca, cancioneros (collections of verses), Cantar de M�o Cid (Poem of the Cid), etc.

I was born in N�jera, which is in northern Spain, in La Rioja, specifically Alta Rioja. We are on the famous Pilgrim's Route to Santiago de Compostela, and I have gone on pilgrimage to that beautiful place. The Najerilla river goes through the middle of our city. The Santa Mar�a La Real monastery is famous, as are our wines. N�jera was the capital of the kingdom of Navarre in the 10th century.

The Manrique motto is "Nos non venimos de reyes, que reyes vienen de nos." It means, "We didn't come from kings, kings came from us."
Translation by my sister's co-worker

Arms for Manrique de Lara:
In red, 2 cauldrons, gold and sabre checked border, made of 12 pieces, 6 in silver with a purple lion and six in red with a golden castle.
Translation by my sister's co-worker
Based on the picture, this is a gules (red) background with two checkered cauldrons (look more like baskets to me) of gold and black (sable). The border of the device has six alternating pictures of purple lions with a silver background and six golden castles with red backgrounds. No one seems to describe the green things coming out of the cauldrons.

I know Catherine�s former maids of honor well:
Maria de Salinas (was married to the late Willoughby de Eresby)
Inez de Venegas (married to Mountjoy, Catherine�s chamberlain)
Maria de Rojas
Francisca de Carceres

Character Development Post

Tudor Timeline Up to 1530

Tudor Rose

Reader of the Tudor Rose Writer for the Tudor Rose

Introducing Damiana


I am a Telmarine. While I am not crazy about nature and big woods, I do read the old stories about Old Narnia and daydream about meeting fabulous talking creatures.

Prunaprismia, wife of Miraz, is my aunt on my mother�s side. My father is Lord Mavramorn, one of seven whom Miraz sent to seek for lands in the Eastern Sea. They were the only ones who weren�t afraid of the sea, but since they, like all Telmarines, didn�t know about the sea, they had to buy their ship and crew it with people from Galma. Miraz actually sent the seven lords away because they were friends with Caspian IX.

Then Prince Caspian disappears, and Miraz says the Old Narnians have captured him�

My mother's name is Lamaria, and my lady's maid is Istra. Redival is a flirtatious, beautiful woman at court who hopes to wed Essur, a son of the King of Archenland. She will have trouble accepting Old Narnians.

I am learning the recorder and theorbo (long-necked lute).

(Glamaria is a region in Lewis' Pilgrim's Regress and Istra is Psyche's real name (in Glome) in Lewis' Til We Have Faces. Essur is a kingdom and Redival is a princess of Glome in Til We Have Faces. Thanks to Lyndissi for the idea of using Lewis' other works to find names, especially female ones).

Narratives of Early America

Hola, My name is Damiana Manrique de Lara. Although I was born in the garrison of St. Augustine in Florida and so am criollo, I am descended from the dukes of N�jera. My brother is serving at the mission of San Diego, which was founded in 1769.

I married Francisco Rodrigo Saavedra, the son of Manuel Ja�me Saavedra. The Saavedras are wealthy peninsulares from Seville. Francisco was visiting St. Augustine on business when he met me. My husband�s family have sent us to New Orleans, for they have business contacts in Havana, Spain, Lima, and New Orleans.

We�re not all business and no play, however. We love hot chocolate from our own chocolatera, and we love music, literature, and dance. My husband went to the University of Salamanca.

We will be part of the people who give supplies to the Continental Army from New Orleans. We are friends with General Bernardo de G�lvez, the acting Governor of New Orleans in 1776. He will send supplies to the colonials with King Carlos III�s blessings. General Bernardo de G�lvez is also the governor of the Louisiana territories. (Spain officially sides with the colonies in 1779).

In August 1777, the Spanish Minister of the Indies, Jos� de G�lvez has the governor of Havana send observers. One is Juan de Miralles in January 1778 who became a partner in the trading company of Robert Morris and Thomas Willing. Miralles and George Washington become friends.

Our children are:
Jorge, married to Maria.
Leonor, married to David.

Notes for possible Loyalist and Patriot character (which became the basis for Narratives of Early America)
San August�n de la Florida
Founded in 1565, it was founded 42 years before Jamestown and 55 before Plymouth. Wikipedia says there were few families. The Castillo de San Marcos was begun in 1672. The British from the Carolinas attacked St. Augustine in 1702, and the men of Georgia attacked in 1740. In the latter attack, they burned the city. Spain sided with France in the fight against England, and the Treaty of Paris in 1763 gave Florida to Britain. Most of the Spanish settlers left at that time. (various sources) W

Damiana could be born in Spain (N�jera), and her father could be a second son trying to make his fortune at sea. He comes back to Spain occasionally. Finally, tired of that, the family moves to San August�n, one of the few to do so. They return to Spain in 1763. Why she wants to go to Philadelphia to be in Loyalist and Patriot is beyond me, but I�ll figure out something.

Virgin Queen

I am Damiana Saavedra, the daughter of Elena Talbot and Rodrigo Saavedra and the granddaughter of Damiana in Lion's Den. My husband is Francisco Jer�nimo Manrique. While I was born in England, my husband was born in Spain. He has a cousin named Don Luis de Cordoba.

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Post Medieval Europe

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