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Sufferer of Multiple Character Syndrome.

Step 1: Admit there is a problem.

I admit it. I have MCS. Waaaaaay too many characters. Must get help.

Step 2: Get support.

Yeah. Right. Around here? No freakin' way that's going to happen. Addicts all of them. Addicted to Pan Historia. What good will any of them be at supporting MCS sufferers. I'll just go fiddle with some of my characters' homes for awhile. Go look at the dailies and read some posts. Ooooh. A new novel. In need of characters. Nope. Can't go look. Won't be tempted.

Step 3: Determine which characters are not necessary and eliminate them.

*tapping finger to temple in deep thought* Whom to delete? Character X is in the midst of a key storyline. Character Y is important to the plot. Character Z is... Wait! I have no character Z. Pardon me for a moment.

All right. Where was I? Right. Character Z is in that new novel. The novel NEEDS characters to get it going. I'll just have Character Z in the novel until then. Will delete Z when the new novel is built up a little and generating interest enough to draw more people in.

Of my other 56 trillion characters I cannot find a single one that's not needed. I know! I'll create a character just to have one to delete. Excuse me again.

Back for a second. Need to go decorate the new home. Finding an avatar is tough. What? You thought I created the newest one just to have one to delete? True. That is the case but a character needs a nice home before I can just up and delete it so callously.

Just found an avatar that's perfect for a new character. I should go delete the newest and replace it with another to use with this avatar. That would work under normal circumstances but I put that one in with the next to the last newest, character Z, for a developing plot in that new novel.

But you thought I created the newest to have one to delete? Yes, I did but character Z really needed help and an NPC just wouldn't do. I'll make this new, new one the one to delete even if the avatar is rocking.

Maybe I have too many characters? Of course I do. I stated as much already. Oh, did you see? There's another new novel. The new, newest character would be PERFECT for it. I'll add her to that novel and then create another new one to have one to delete. Yes, that will work. I am in control. I have admitted to the problem of MCS and am going to delete a character. I simply need to create it first.

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Pan Historia Junction
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The Relic Hunters

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2007 Western Pulp Novel Cover Contest
Oct 2007

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