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Howdy! I'm Lizette Barker. Most folk call me Lizzie. I was born in South Pass City in Wyoming territory. My folks was from Boston an come out on account of gold in Sweetwater Creek. Pa got hisself a claim an done good givin' our family a real fine life, until the mines got him.

Somewhere in the seventies, it all come a cropper. The whole town dried up. There weren't nothin' left, so Ma sold all we had and moved back east to stay with her relations. She passed on to the lovin' arms of Jesus soon after that.

So whaddaya think happens? I meet and marry tall dark an handsome Dirk Barker, who's all fired up 'bout silver in Arizona! Weren't a year later that Dirk died, an again I'm out thar in black, grevin' a miner.

Dirk's been gone a while now an I been takin' care of myself. I'm whatcha call a woman of independent means!

So, anyways, times was gittin' tough an just like a miracle who do I see? My old friend from Boston, Aretta Stone, right thar at the bar in the Crystal Palace! No kiddin! Seems poor old Aretta got her own difficulties lately.

Now ain't we just a pair, makin our way as sportin' women! Well, now I fer one is a God fearin' gal and believe in miracles fer those who believe! An in one a them mysterious ways, I got me a nice place in Tombstone. Its me with Aretta an a queer ole doctor named Will, who runs a boardin' house. Well, ain't really no boardin' house but the price is right!!

Well what do you know? Yer lookin at a new woman, a respectable woman! I'm whatcha call a governess. Its like a nanny. You know, a baby sitter. Will's exwife, God-rest-her-soul up an died an now his 3 daughters are livin' with us. Well, you know Will, the ole blow-hard, he pretends we's all respectable-like for the girls but they ain't stupid! No Siree...thems some smart girls. Too smart really. Like they ain't never gonna notice their Pa's comin's n goin's!

Western and Cowboy Lingo

19th Century Ettiquette

The Language of the Fan

Mining in the Old West

Shady Ladies of the Old West

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