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Panache August 2009

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Supporters Bronze Medal
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This is Devin, my best girl. I had known Devin ever since I can remember. I had pulled her hair in grade school, snapped her bra in junior high and smoked pot with her in high school. But we had never screwed until about a year ago, and than it was only when we were shit-faced and needing a good lay. About two months ago we began to hang out together more. She needed a place to stay and I had my own trailer. It was not much but it was a place to sleep. Most of our nights after working involved the same daily quest: what to eat, how to scrape money together for a few beers, and if we wanted to fuck later that night.

This is Bayley, but I like to call her Lil' Runt. Good looking piece of tail, but she's a pain in the ass. She's a runaway that Devin brought her home one day and she's been underfoot ever since, eating my food, drinking my beer and spending my money. In a one-bedroom trailer she's wound up sleeping on the sofa in the living room. Usually in her underwear. I know the A/C only cools the bedroom but how much temptation does a man have to man take?

Me? Not much to know. That's my trailer. Home and place of business, it's the castle where I am king of my domain - you might not want to say that around those two though.

The funny thing, she really thinks she can do this!

My Novels:

Fear and Apathy in Pinewood Valley
Romance Anthology
Short Cuts
Noctropolis: City of Night
The Ties That Bind
All Tomorrow's Parties
Plane of the Ecliptic - Out of Print
Sacred and Profane
The Bitter Sky

My Reference:

Oscar Mike
The Music Studio
Through the Lens

My Blog:

Hestio: What's the point?

My Salons:

The Football Pitch
The Trailer at the End of the Street
Bios Fear
The House

My Friends:

Goth Girl
Bayley Aylesford
Bayley the Soccer Nut
Lil Runt
Tank Girl
Raven Churchlain
Snow Angel
Katarina Devereux
Lucy Bartlett
Piper Coulson
The Helper Elf

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Great Start!
Jun 03, 2019 02:30 pm
I didn't know you can do such beautiful poems!
Apr 21, 2017 03:06 pm
For knowing how to make a business. A very interesting post!
Jul 01, 2011 01:31 am
Most Awkward Time
March 2008

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