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Welcome to my home. I am Brude mac Maelchon, High King of all the Pictish tribes during my time. A great achievement, Iím sure you will agree.

Sadly, my time has passed. Yet I continue to watch over my people, and those who encroach on my lands. Old habits, you see.

My influence continues as Narrator of At World's End.

If you are in need of assistance you may of course call upon me. And I will endeavor to ensure your time spent among us is unlike any youíve experienced elsewhere.

A word of caution, however. I suffer neither fools nor the boorish with anything approaching enthusiasm. So do try to stay on my good side.

There, I knew we'd come to an understanding. Do enjoy your stay with us.

My Novels:

Short Cuts
Pan Historia Junction
At World's End - Out of Print

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Trinity Bar & Grill

My Friends:

Saoirse Ui Niall
Dark Agnes
Aingeal mac Feradach
Donnchadha Ui Niall
Doran Cloudrunner
Drostan ni Pictii
Ferthen Urchurdan
Jehana Urchurdan
Onnist Urchurdan
Ruairi Ui Diathi
Siubhan Urquhart
Yaakov ben Eleazor

My Favorites:

At World's End - Out of Print

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