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Firstly, before you ask, yes I was blessed with two names that neither sound the least bit feminine, nor do they suggest a typical first name at all. I was born to Imperial marines, my father was a pilot, who I only remember briefly occupying my life until he was killed in an invasion along the outer perimeter when I was twelve. My mother was an officer, and due to the fact she was more than capable of running an entire starship on her own, I was mostly left to my own devices. Thus, here is where I began…always a renegade, and never one to follow rules. At fifteen I had already completed the required testing to begin my own military training, and soon I had out performed every male on the base.

Those bastards could never see beyond the end of their fucking dicks, and if I had a stripe for every time they attempted to use their minuscule organs instead of their brains, I’d be General of the entire damned Imperial Marine Corps by now. So as it is, I had obtained my rank of officer just at the beginning of the collapse…the planet on which my mother had been assigned, was completely annihilated, and had it not been for the fact I was aboard an Imperial ship destined for the Alerian galaxy, I too would have been killed. Now, there is nothing left but the diplomats who were sent to revive our worlds, and those traders who seemed to feed off of the suffering that abounds.

It was upon docking at one such world where destruction and devastation had simply caused everything and everyone to vanish, that my own destiny took a very different turn. Everything as I had ever known it was about to change…

Can you help two girls settle an argument?
Whose bum is best?



Dominic Mackenzie ---- Krystyn Aleedo

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A Short Jump Into Darkness - Out of Print
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The Craft Faire

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Cutie's Lil' Scout Ship
Ghost Nebula
Attributable to Human Error

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Krystyn Aleedo
Alex Bretton
Susan DeVries
Jick Hambleton

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A Short Jump Into Darkness - Out of Print

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Best Intergalatic Panty Thief
April 2007

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