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They call me Jebediah Stone, and I was born in San Antonio Texas.
At an early age my father had been killed in the great Texas/Mexican
War that was beginning, and seeming to escalate and heat up as
hostilities grew …giving rise for brave and courageous Texans to fight
for it's freedom to become an American State.

Life got harder after that and my mother seemed to change. A couple
of years later she took up with a man named Sam McClenney.
I didn't really care for Sam McClenney...and he didn't care for
me either as he seemed to take great pleasure in the beatings he
gave me for any little excuse that he could find. "You need this!"
"You will thank me one day!" "This hurts me more than you!" -- he
would always say smugly.

I never really trusted Sam McClenny either. He always called me
boy! " that!” “Get a move on it boy!”
“You aint good for nothing boy!" To me he seemed like a
slick and fast talking conniving son of a bitch. Always talking about
and trying out some get rich quick scheme. He was always full of
promises to my mother that never materialized. I never knew what my
mother seen in him, but he treated her good and she seemed to be
happy enough so I bore my misery and mistreatment from him until I
was eighteen.

One day Sam came staggering home in a drunken rage over losing
most of his money in a card game at the saloon. Perhaps
it was the sneer of disgust and the way I shook my head
at his pathetic whining about his losses that set him off, but I
felt the sting of his fist as it slammed into my face, sending me
sprawling to the floor. As I shook off the stars and tasted my
own blood from the cut in my mouth, I suddenly
didn't hurt that bad. Slowly a dam within me began to break...
spewing years of pent up anger and misgivings from Sam’s cruelty
toward me. A quiet rage seethed within as I crawled to my feet and
glared at Sam. I had had enough of Sam's cruelty. It was
time to make my stand.

To read the rest of my story go Here


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