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The Life of an Explorer

Lieutenant Krystyn Aleedo was used to being alone. She'd been alone as a child, she'd been alone as an adult. Perfect material for the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service, she was dedicated, competent, and intelligent. When the occasion called for it, dangerous.

Years of travel between the stars, as the Second Imperium gasped its last breaths around her, Krystyn did her duty, and more. But when the final message reached her that she had to return to base to return her scout ship, she followed the orders to find a base in ruins, shattered by orbital bombardment as factions in the now-dead Ramshackle Empire tore themselves, and countless worlds, to shreds.

She turned her ship around and sought to preserve what she could of all that was best in the Imperium that she loved. It wasn't easy. There were those who wanted her ship. Others who wanted her. She avoided or outwitted them all.

Krystyn was used to being alone. But somehow, she ended up with a mouthy female Imperial Marine and interstellar criminal, Dominic Mackenzie. She'd survived battle; could she survive one woman?

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Can you help two girls settle an argument?
Whose bum is best?



Dominic Mackenzie ---- Krystyn Aleedo

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Plane of the Ecliptic - Out of Print
Short Cuts
Zone : Science Fiction
A Short Jump Into Darkness - Out of Print

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Infinite Worlds: The Realms of Speculative Fiction

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Cutie's Lil' Scout Ship
Ghost Nebula
Attributable to Human Error
The Glacis Plate

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Dominic Mackenzie

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A Short Jump Into Darkness - Out of Print

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Best Sweet Ass in the Interstellar Scout Service
April 2007

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