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A Man's Gotta Do What a Man's Gotta Do...

More or less constrained by the travel restrictions imposed on the members of the 'former' British Royal Family by those mollycoddling German usurpers since our poor cousin Alexei was taken to France for medical treatment only to slip away from us, I have become very frustrated and wonder what I can do about it, short of joining the British Resistance. Confidentially, our friend Sylvester von Hohenlohe is very sympathetic to them, as of course was Alyosha, who Marina, the children and I still miss. But sticking my neck out would be too risky, as I do have a family and I am a public figure whether I like it or not these days.

The Occupation has changed everything for my whole family. Bertie and Elizabeth should be on the throne, Edward and Wallis off on their own. Marina should be free to set the styles of high society, and the little ones happily at play as if nothing at all were wrong. I thought the Great War was the last time we'd find ourselves as a nation in such a blooming mess. But the Germans have a funny way of nursing grudges... terribly arrogant, aren't they?

If I had my way I would take my wife and children on a trip to the Scottish Highlands and go fishing... or to Somerset and Cornwall to go exploring. Confound these rules, and those chicken-plucking Germans!


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