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Daniel Vincent is a nice guy. Selfish as hell, but nice all the same. He maintains an open minded attitude to life that is so hard to find these days, it's probably due to the fact that he's a loner. At least when it comes to mages. Many mages these days band together with their fellows, lock themselves away in ivory towers to discuss sleepers and whatever are they to do with them?

Sleepers? Oh, well that's just what we call the unenlightened, you know, average everyday run of the mill folk. The kind who think that magic involves rabbits and top hats in some degree. Perhaps with a few coloured hankies thrown in for good measure.

Now Danny, well he doesn't exactly look down on sleepers, but he isn't above using his magickal talents to fleece them out of their cash. Sometimes he plays fair, sometimes he shifts the Tapestry here and there, turns a pair of two's into a quad of aces, nothing too major really. And as for vampires and werewolves, oh yes they exist, mages tend to avoid werewolves, and not think all too highly of vampires. Hate them, I think, is the term I'm looking for here. But not Danny, he wouldn't turn away a sprog of Cain if there was entertainment to be had. Nor would he shun a werewolf, firstly because an eight foot high muscle bound wolf man bristling with hair and slathered with blood is a leeeetle difficult to shun, and secondly because it's always useful to be friends with a muscular eight foot tall, bristling, blood slathered wolf man. Not least because werewolves usually know where to find a good node.

Any questions so far? Yes?

Nodes. Sure ok, well a node is a place of power. A library maybe, a clearing in a forest...they could be anywhere. It's a recharge point for stocking up on Quintessence, which is the um..magick juice, that mages have got. Dan can't really handle all that much Quintessence, but he's not a big spell caster so...

The Tapestry? Where to begin, ok right, well to put it on a sleeper level here, the tapestry, or weave..or whatever, is basically the whole universe and everything in it. It's the knit of reality. It's the sky being blue and gravity pushing down. It's you, it's me, it's this chair. It's everything. Mages can basically, fiddle with it. Alter it a little here and there, now, fiddling with reality isn't exactly a good idea most of the time. So a mage has got to be careful, if he went and did some whopping great spell in the middle of Times Square at noon...oh boy, he'd be in a world of hurt. Because then it's all about Paradox. You don't know about Paradox either? Lord...

Paradox, it's a bad thing. It's when you do a spell and maybe it goes wrong, or maybe a sleeper sees your beer can floating across the room to you because you were too damn lazy to get off the sofa and get it...or maybe you just tried to do something stupidly turn the Eiffel tower into a cheesecake. Well anyway, you do that, and reality notices that someone's trying to redecorate, and then she kicks back at you. What happens then? Well it's hard to say, the effects are different every time. Your hair could turn green, an arm could fall off, you could be paralyzed, blinded, turned into a chicken, hoisted off to another dimension, your best friend who was standing next to you could explode. Or nothing might happen, at the time, sometimes Paradox just builds up slowly, little things that you do add up. Next thing you know you're getting paranoid, you're hearing voices, seeing shapes in the walls. Course then you enter the Quiet for a bit don't know what the Quiet is? I can see that you haven't met a lot of mages before.

Right, the Quiet, when your paradox has built up a whole bunch but not so you're turning green or exploding or anything like that, well then you start hearing things, seeing things. Everyone's different. That's all the Quiet is really, weird stuff like that happening to you. You distrust friends, trust enemies, lose stuff and can't find them, even if someone stapled the damn thing to your nose you wouldn't be able to find it. Oh, and you can create hobgoblins. That's just basically making into reality the crazy ass stuff that's going on in your head, you want an example, ok right, let's say you're hearing voices alright? Whisperings and so on from the corners of your room, if you create a hobgoblin, that just means that anyone who wandered into that room would also hear the same voices as you, because they would be real, the voices I mean, they'd really be whispering.

So getting back to Danny Vincent here, that sensational guy. He spent most of his life so far in Vegas, grew up in the old west. He got awakened in 1821 when he was 15, a gambler mage showed him a few card tricks, real card tricks. Took him under his wing and introduced him to the Order of Hermes. He studied for ten years and being such a clever and handsome fellow, managed to get himself some serious longevity. He still looks twenty five even now.

He became a member of the House Fortunae within the Hermetic Order, they focus on things like fate, fortune, numerology and all that jazz. Right up his street.

So, eventually he went his own way for a while. Playing Poker, Blackjack, name it, he loved it. The elders of the Order didn't exactly, well, approve of the gambling fixation but they let him go.

After a few more years he was getting bored, his most interesting poker game thus far had been with three other mages. The stakes were for more than just money, the table was littered with amulets, talismans, potions and charms. Danny came out on top, what a guy.

But the boredom was getting him down, the saloons and taverns with their farro tables and prostitutes felt stale. And so he went and saw a mage aquiantance of his who specialised in chronomancy. In exhange for all, bar one, of the items Dan had won in the poker game, he agreed to suspend him in a time pocket for a hundred years, give or take a few decades.

So Dan found himself in 1950. He'd gone a little over by a touch, but time was weird like that. America, 1950, oh yes. Danny liked the look of things.

From then 'til now he's just lived on a day by day basis. No time pockets. But it's been a hell of a ride. The sixties was a major, major high point there. Seventies and eighties...they were ok, but you know, they had an awesome decade to try and live up to.

Being an eternal humanist, he kept in touch with the sleeper side of things. Some say his fashion is a beat, but hey, just because the nineties turned out to be a real snore in the closet department doesn't mean he has to dress like a wall street ponce.

Still a habitual gambler, he spent most of the last fifty years in or around the Las Vegas area. He tried to get Elvis' autograph on at least five occasions but the groin thrusting monkey seemed to have better things to do with his time. So for a few years he decided to make it his personal mission to nark him off at concerts. One of Dan's spheres of magickal influence is in Forces, like fire, light, sound, electricity etc. the other sphere is in Matter.

Well, with the sphere of Forces alone the amount of mischief one could do at a music concert sets the mind racing. And the great thing about it is, if it's coincidental magick, as opposed to Vulgar magick which will land you with those naughty Paradox things mentioned earlier, if it's coincidental magick then you tend to get away with it. Karmically speaking. I mean, it's a music concert, it's perfectly reasonable for things to go wrong, things like, lights failing, speakers sputtering, microphones packed full of static electricity...and so on.

Entertainment was never in short supply for Danny, as the years progressed and more and more things were invented. (Almost certainly by technologist mages.) The world became an increasingly interesting place to be.

And I reckon that's about all there is to tell, sure I could go all indepth on you but I think we both have better things to do with our time, and I for one am sick of talking about myself in the third person.

Maybe I'll see you at a poker game sometime. Ciao.

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