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August 2009
Panathenaic Games Medal
Silver in Hobby Hurdles

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Supporters Gold Medal
Games Silver Medal
Muse Gold Medal
Achievement Gold Medal
Service Silver Medal

   Twin brother to Skippy Aristophanes (and by extension, Skip's alter-ego Luke as well), Joey has worked his way up from a clerk at a fast-food cafe in the old Daedalidai agora to the owner, producer, and resident playwright/director of the New Daedalidai Theatre. Known for his sometimes curious innovations in the theatre arts, Joey has given Athenian playgoers such developments as the overture, the intermission, and the all-singing-all-dancing chorus line. His first major production, an adaptation of a now-long-lost play by his uncle, the Great Aristophanes himself, was both curiosity and smash hit and secured Joey's name in theatrical history. Since that time, he's moved on to developing the earliest form of audience-participation melodrama as well as a piece of political satire that saw his brief banishment from Athens. His partner is Maxos, a carpenter and woodworker by trade -- although it's been rumoured that he has ties to the now-deceased Royal Family of Atlantis and that he assisted the gods when they moved to what was left of the Atlantean islands. Joey and Max have been together for several years now and have gracefully aged into a not-quite middle-aged couple.

Their home is a fairly typical Greek house of the period: two levels around a central atrium. The upper level consists mostly of bedrooms, as well as Joey and Max's library, while below is the kitchen and dining room, as well as storage and in-house access to Max's woodshop. The household staff consists solely of their cook Psyche, who never lets them forget she runs the kitchen. But their circle of friends also includes Nalia, a former muse-in-training who has now gone the freelance consultant route, with a small office in Daedalidai where she dispenses inspiration for an hourly fee. It was courtesy Nalia that the two were married by Zeus (a rite he performed to settle an argument between two squabbling dieties); her presence around the house is that of a familiar regular.

Beneath their home -- indeed, connecting most of the homes in New Daedalidai, is a mysterious network of tunnels, built in the distant past by a civilization that long pre-dates the Hellenics. It's assumed these were used as defense against invaders, as the tunnels emerge above ground on the far side of the isthmus.

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Liaus Horatius

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Writer's Block
The Play's The Thing
Happily Ever After
ACME Web Factory

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The Bull Pen
Room of Requirement
Catnip Haven

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Great fun!
Sep 09, 2014 05:58 am
Great dialogue
Mar 24, 2012 08:39 am
Now that is an egress!! Perfect...egress to some sorry old fools I would have given you the money but this way is much bettter!!
Jun 25, 2010 09:37 pm
for another hair raising and spine tingliing Halloween adventure. Thank you!!
Nov 02, 2009 11:09 pm
A great unexpected twist!
Aug 27, 2009 08:38 pm

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