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Yesterday's Children is making a comeback! We are currently in the midst of a revamp and will be starting the novel over...

Medical experiments on a virus create a super virus that sweeps the planet killing all the adults leaving only the children under the age of puberty to fend for themselves. The year was 2063 and for the children left it was a harsh new reality.

The cities burn out of control with no one alive to fill the fire trucks and send them out to do their job. They sit rusting and unused after succumbing to the flames they were built to defend against.

Life for the survivors was very difficult. Many did not survive the accidents, illnesses, infections and childhood diseases that before would have been easily treated. Yesterday's Children tells the stories of those that survived and the societies that came from those who rebuilt and thrived. Some are evil some benevolent others in between. What society would you build??

Join us with your own story or come and read ours!

2063 when "IT"
came it took all the adults in a few short weeks.
The children never knew where "IT" came from or what "IT"
was only that all of the adults got sick
and died leaving them alone to fend for themselves.
Yesterday's Children struggle to build
a new world in the ruins of the old one.

Jerad my little brother 22

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Your childlike (but not childish) behavior also inspires others to care for you.
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Yesterday's Children
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