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Emily was born in October 3, 1414. She was born a member of the Aldan tribe of the Highlands in Scotland. The Golden Eagle shape-shifters. During the early 1400s, their tribe flourished. In 1437 everything changed, vampires raided their tribe site. Emily only reckons three members of her tribe fleeing from the danger. Allan had also ensured her safety by taking her far from the scene and into the ancient grounds of the Aldan tribe not far from their former site.

Allan and Emily built a life for themselves and have since lived there at peace and secluded from the dangers of vampires. They have lived from the land since then and as Allan provided for Emily and proved himself worthy, after well over a century, she accepted his proposal to wed. They were married in 1578. They have managed to adapt as society has evolved and make their peace with their present state as they have been unable to find an end to their eternal existence, they knew this was most likely due to the fact that they were probably the last living members of the Aldan tribe.

With the inability to conceive, Allan and Emily have decided to embrace their eternity venturing around the world, what with their ability to take flight and soar anywhere their heart desired.

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