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Emily has always been in governmental careers having her start during her college years as an intern and slowly moving up after graduating. She's had well over ten years of experience in the Military and Law Enforcement agencies. She has a strong sense of justice and has always sought out to do what is right for others throughout her career.

0003 Through her early life, Emily had to cope with the deaths of her parents and help her sister Rose through the process. Her aunt had gained custody for both but when Emily became a legal adult she took custody of her sister and has taken care of her. She has helped with financially supporting her, helping her sister keep focused on school. In essence, she has grown and had to mature at a faster rate than most kids.She did get to finish her degree in Project Management while working through online school. At present, she doesn't live with her sister but tries to keep in touch with her. Emily did get married but things haven't exactly turned out as she had hoped they would. At present, she's still married but separated from her husband. Emily and Gavin have yet not decided if they should divorce.

Emily's relationship with Gavin is one she's scarcely shared with anyone. They married when she was twenty-two but had known each other for about three years. Gavin had always made his intentions clear to Emily, it took her quite some time to express her own feelings toward him. After they wed, Gavin's interests toward her quickly dwindled and he was soon after sleeping and going out with other women. Upon Emily finding out of her husbands affairs, she decided to file for divorce. Gavin, however, has made divorce a pain in the ass for which reason Emily has just decided to remain separate from him.
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Best example of a disintegrating marriage
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