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Games Bronze Medal
Service Bronze Medal


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"If it had not been for your help, I would've gotten nowhere near to decorating my home, thanks Alexandre! *S*"

My Novels:

Zone : Fantasy
Zone : Contemporary
Horizon's Edge

My Reference Books:

The Craft Faire
Book of Ages

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My Friends:

Alexandre De Barbarac
Piper Coulson
Este Langton
Alexandra Morel
Mike Newton
Joaquina Heliopolis
Nicholae Crotzer
Malachi Slade
Lukas Tane
Alice Cullen
Hermione Granger
Francois Louis Gaillard
Elvina Herewood
Dr Carlisle Cullen
Emily Dinsmoore
Aly BrightEyes
Harry Potter

My Favorite Reads:

The Last Trojan

Twilight - Eternity
Benevolence - Out of Print
Twisted Fate - Out of Print
Smugglers Moon - Out of Print
Torchwood - Out of Print

My Pandas:

Great Post!
Oct 06, 2014 03:22 pm
Best example of a disintegrating marriage
March 2009

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