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The eldest son of Fiachna, Criofan waits anxiously for his opportunity to lead the Niall. He is determined that no one shall challenge his right when his father passes on and the confederation gathers to select a Tanist for Caoilfhionn. Having suffered minor setbacks in the past, Criofan has learned to apply himself diligently to his desires. Ambitious and powerful, he usually achieves his goals. His means may be unorthodox and perhaps a bit ruthless but none can question their results.

Across the sea from Eire, a new land beckons those willing to seize it. Many warriors travel to those shores to build their fortunes… some seeking only the wealth they will earn while others hope to capture the land for themselves. The fame and fortune available there will add to Criofan’s renown: a key ingredient for his success at home.

As the numerous groups vie for Scotia, Criofan watches and waits as the schemes unfold. Many capable rivals plot and conspire for control. Should he align himself with one? Or look on as they each seek to destroy the other? However he chooses to act, he cannot delay too long. Once his opponents decide Criofan is a threat to them, they will attempt to eliminate him from the contest.

Rash and impetuous, will Criofan fall to their plots? He is a man willing to take the risks. Let the games begin! To the victor go the spoils!

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