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Leith was born in Scotland and lived there until he turned 15 when his parents died. He moved with his Papa, sister Raine and brother Christian to the US. He has spent the last few years of his life in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Other than not growing up with his parents Leith had a pretty normal childhood. He went to school got good grades and for the most part stayed out of trouble. There were a few occasions where he did get into trouble -- and that was when he finally accepted the fact that he was not like every other guy his age...he had always known he was different but never really knew why, until he found himself attracted to one of his fellow classmates. Under normal circumstances this would have probably been fine but Leith was attracted to one of his male classmates. Needless to say his classmates gave him a hard time about it.

While visiting in Louisiana Leith suffered a head injury when he was beaten up by a group of homophobic guys who he happened across one night. Leith has limited memories of what happened to him during the attack and for about two weeks after the attack.

Recently Leith has gone through a very hard break up with his boyfriend, Garrett de Luca. The man he thought he'd be spending the rest of his life with broke off their engagement with only a note leaving Leith broken and alone.

Right now Leith knows he is in no place to meet someone new, nor does he want to -- but fate has a funny way of handing you things you don't think you want or need -- fate has a funny sense of humor at times...

Leith now lives in Mayhem, Colorado. He lives in the four bedroom house with his best friend Shannon Masters.


My best friend Shannon Masters

My custom fish tank in my brownstone in the Bronx

All graphics by me unless other wise noted.

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The support ribbon at the top left of this page is to support those who are victims of rape and sexual assault.

First quote is from the song Snuff by Slipknot.

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