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Pezedkhu is a 32 year old priest, slim, but firmly built. He is the second prophet of Amun. He is arrogant, haughty and demanding. He is always keeping up appearances and never let a chance to show off his wealth and power pass him by. Among other duties, he has been burdened with the task of distributing food and goods to the poorest citizens of Waset. What a ridiculous idea, and what a waste of perfect food and goods! How dare they even soil the pavement of the great temple of Amun by treading it to beg for provisions?!
However, Pezedkhu's clever wit has turned this unwanted task into a great opportunity. What if those goods and food would disappear, without a trace, without anyone's knowledge? Indeed there was a better purpose for all these things then giving it to those lowlife peasants. Pezedkhu made a decision to embezzle the food and goods. Who would miss them? The poor? Who listens to lowly peasants? Who would choose their word over his? No, he would keep it for himself and his companions, to sell it on the underground market.
The few poor people who would dare to complain could only count on a fierce beating before being dismissed. The foolish, old High Priest knows nothing of the scheme and lets Pezedkhu do as he pleases. But now bad fortune has stuck him. A fire at the temple lured the king's investigators to his domain. He can only hope his schemes will not be discovered...

Character Information


Pezedkhu is the general of King Apepa. He is a brilliant strategist, a skillful soldier and born leader. Years of experience, fighting in the service of the King, made him cold-blooded in the sight of the enemy and he always manages to stay one step ahead of his opponent, both in thoughts and in deeds. He is 36 years old he has a muscular, tall and athletic body and dark brown eyes, which are always on the lookout for possible danger.

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