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Hi, da names Mutt!
Dats M.. as in Mongrel...
U ... as in underfoot....
T.... as in troublesome
And another T.... as in tenacious...

Oh Hi!
Dis is me
Its a Mutt shot
Get it? *licks*

A Mutt Shot

How rude of me
Could I offer you something to drink?

Fresh toilet water...*flush* ..ok NOW its fresh

Could you be hungry?
We have some spaggetti!
Its a special recipe too!

I's got da recipe from da Tramp. He wooo'd Lady wif it!

Please make yourself comfy!
We's all just one big flea bitten family 'round here

Don't mind da snorin or the butt shot

Have you seen me Bitch?
She's a fine piece of tail!
Here she is
She's such a Princess too
Sniff her butt
Go ahead!
I promise its well worth it!

Check out the hindequarters on this little lady!

We's got all the funest things to do around here!
We's got Cat tipping

Here kitty, kitty, kitty

And Cat Sacking!

They ALL look dat bored!

Oh this is a good one!
Toilet Paper Tag!
Dem humans are sooooo slow!

I want my Mummy!

Chew Toys!

No! Give him back!

Sometimes we get caught though
Its snot a pretty sight
Look away!

Little pups in trouble... *sniff*

Well its time fur me to go
The open road waits for no Mutt

Anyone seen where I parked my hog?

What a Hungover dog looks like
Its sad when a good dog hits the bottle a little too much

No one saw me buy it, you can't prove I own one!!!

Another bad habit that never ends well....

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