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In the Pax Romana Novel:

Salvete Friends!

My husband,
General Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo.
Recently named a Consul of Rome.

For Aurelia, the center of Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo’s heart.

Stranger, my message is short.
Stop and read it.
This is the lovely domus of a lovely woman.
Her parents gave her the name Aurelia.
She loved her husband with all her heart.
She bore him two children,
one of whom she left beneath it.
She has a pleasing way of talking and walking.
She tends the house and works wool.
I have said my piece.
Go your way.'

Meet our daughter, Domitia.
Some day she will be an Empress of Rome!

Join me?

Lawrence Alma-Tadema 1890 "The Frigidarium"

Vesta, goddess of the hearth.

~Via Aurelia~
Antica Roma

~Ad astra per aspera~
A rough road leads to the stars!

Via Aurelia was the Roman road
which passed out of ancient Rome
through the Porta Aurelia in the Aurelian Walls
and ran to the coast a little southeast
of modern Palidoro and then followed a coastal route
north to Vada Volterrana.
There the via Aemilia extended the route to Genoa.

Omnes viae Romam ducunt!

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Pan Historia Junction
Pax Romana - Out of Print

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Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus
Julius Domitius
Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo
Caius Petronius
Aithne Cornelius

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Pax Romana - Out of Print
PiRamesses - Out of Print

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