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Ruairi, eldest son of Diathi, is all of nineteen years old as his tale unfurls. Still, he is old enough to have been in combat, and to know the workings of Lorne. He's eager to take control, and barely tolerates his old man.

Now, his old man is dead, and his status at Dunollie is threatened. What will he do?

Ru is too busy writing to make this place look nice.

The triad of me's:

Ruairi ui Diathi - At World's End, the formative days of what would become Scotland.

Ruaridh Kilmartin - Short Cuts, story plan in development, but it revolves around an alternative history involving Alexander III of Scotland.

Rory MacCallum - Zone: History: Narratives of Early America. Scots-Irish descendant of immigrants to Maine during the Revolutionary War.

Somehow, I manage to look like the same dyseptic callow youth in all the time periods I appear in. It's in the genes -- we're all related over time.

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At World's End - Out of Print
Zone : History

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Trinity Bar & Grill

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Saoirse Ui Niall

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At World's End - Out of Print
A Short Jump Into Darkness - Out of Print

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